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Perlin Festival features content that some may find disturbing.

Perlin Festival is currently in closed early access.

The demo currently avalible on this page may become outdated


Perlin Festival is a feverish exploration game, inspired by many surreal classics, but prioritizing random events and interactions with the denizens within The Noise. You'll join the newest denizen, Pluto, uncovering only what you need to.

This game contains a plethora of random events, optional quests, locations, and characters, all waiting to be found.

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This game is currently unable to be downloaded.


Updated 7 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date Feb 14, 2022
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
AuthorTalon Zane
GenreSimulation, Adventure
Made withUnity, Aseprite, Blender
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, Retro, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTwitter, Community

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There's an NPC with a mask just behind the entrance to Whereagaro that speaks toki pona! My best translations are as follows:

Do you have a pulse? (sina jo e kalama insa anu seme?)

Awful awful awful! (jaki jaki jaki!)

This person is very weird. I don't like this at all! (jan ni li jo e nasa mute. ni li ike tawa mi a!)

You're awful! You're awful! (sina ike tawa mi! sina ike tawa mi!)

Keep not having a pulse! (o awen kalama ala!)

im really glad someone brought this up! im toning down a lot of the conlangs in the later builds just because it takes a long time for me to write any meaningful dialogue in it, but it still makes me happy to see.

This was a very interesting play, i'll admit I did get a bit lost after I gave up my lovely leaf hat. It was still a fun experience! I played your demo through the Spectral Mall Demo Disc, thus the thumbnail. But I hope to see the finished product!

I found the game demo pop up by chance on the main itch page, the game seems very unique and cool. I am still exploring to see what stuff I can do and interact with.

I do recommend maybe adding in controller support down the road, it would make performing actions a little easier, as well as controlling the character and camera.


hi! hope you enjoy it. current demo is a little wacky and im working on a pretty decently sized update for it that’ll aim to fix a lot of the feedback i’ve gotten recently.

as for controller support, it’s definitely planned for sometime before release, but i’d like to get my hands on a ps1 controller first to properly set it up hands-on.

(1 edit)

You can use any of the current controllers, honestly. it wasn't until the Dualshock controller that got released around Spyro the Dragon 1 that the thumb pads and vibration got added (if i remember correctly), and since then, almost every sony/xbox controller has been modeled after that one, with the difference of the symbols being used for sony for the action buttons, versus the letters for the action buttons.

I look forwards to the updated demo!



Very fascinating game with many cool environments!


amazing gmae

character developent


this game looks shit

Has a majora's mask feel, super cool

Full Demo NO Commentary

WaWaWeeWa very nice game I like this ->

Hey! I played this in the Spectral Mall Demo Disc and included it in my roundup video. Starts around 10:04 (if you only want to see this game). Best of luck with the development!


i promise u ...play again ..and cool :P

Now this is real neat :)


wow video game


sure is a game.


cool game.


perlin festival, big fan


video game, big fan