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There's an NPC with a mask just behind the entrance to Whereagaro that speaks toki pona! My best translations are as follows:

Do you have a pulse? (sina jo e kalama insa anu seme?)

Awful awful awful! (jaki jaki jaki!)

This person is very weird. I don't like this at all! (jan ni li jo e nasa mute. ni li ike tawa mi a!)

You're awful! You're awful! (sina ike tawa mi! sina ike tawa mi!)

Keep not having a pulse! (o awen kalama ala!)

im really glad someone brought this up! im toning down a lot of the conlangs in the later builds just because it takes a long time for me to write any meaningful dialogue in it, but it still makes me happy to see.

This was a very interesting play, i'll admit I did get a bit lost after I gave up my lovely leaf hat. It was still a fun experience! I played your demo through the Spectral Mall Demo Disc, thus the thumbnail. But I hope to see the finished product!

I found the game demo pop up by chance on the main itch page, the game seems very unique and cool. I am still exploring to see what stuff I can do and interact with.

I do recommend maybe adding in controller support down the road, it would make performing actions a little easier, as well as controlling the character and camera.


hi! hope you enjoy it. current demo is a little wacky and im working on a pretty decently sized update for it that’ll aim to fix a lot of the feedback i’ve gotten recently.

as for controller support, it’s definitely planned for sometime before release, but i’d like to get my hands on a ps1 controller first to properly set it up hands-on.

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You can use any of the current controllers, honestly. it wasn't until the Dualshock controller that got released around Spyro the Dragon 1 that the thumb pads and vibration got added (if i remember correctly), and since then, almost every sony/xbox controller has been modeled after that one, with the difference of the symbols being used for sony for the action buttons, versus the letters for the action buttons.

I look forwards to the updated demo!



Very fascinating game with many cool environments!


amazing gmae

character developent


this game looks shit

Has a majora's mask feel, super cool

Full Demo NO Commentary

WaWaWeeWa very nice game I like this ->

Hey! I played this in the Spectral Mall Demo Disc and included it in my roundup video. Starts around 10:04 (if you only want to see this game). Best of luck with the development!


i promise u again ..and cool :P

Now this is real neat :)


wow video game


sure is a game.


cool game.


perlin festival, big fan


video game, big fan